Jackie Aina. That’s it. That’s the blog. Aina is a beauty guru sensation and she’s telling you to apply your foundation backwards! I bet you're asking what is next, applying my foundation upside down? Well that might just have to be something I recommend in another blog, but right now Aina is on to something!

She says if you have darker skin or even skin with uneven tones on your face that this application and method will work wonders for your beauty routine! Aina is very popular on social media platforms because she makes beauty her specialty. She has 3.58 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million followers on Instagram, and 891.6k followers on TikTok


She recently just made a YouTube video teaching viewers her trick to perfecting foundation application. In her video she begins to prime her face and brush her brows.

She recommends putting translucent powder before your foundation if you have oily skin. She says it’s a great oil control and makeup lasting technique. 

She decides to do her eyes first before applying her foundation. She explains how she used to apply foundation straight all over and how that did not compliment her as well as her new application does now. Aina then begins to explain the key dark and light points in her face and in some others. She says around the top of your forehead is where typically people get darker. 

Next she points out that around your cheekbones is where it is usually lighter and that she likes to match her foundation with that area because that color is the color of her body. She then gets into how she and some other people have a face mustache. The face mustache is when you shave or wax the area above your lip it still appears to be dark and portrays a mustache. 


She says that going in with one main foundation and then putting in your natural contours isn’t really working for her anymore and now she chooses to use a new method. She likes to contour and conceal first now. She says picture you not having the perfect foundation shade. This way if you contour and conceal first it will help you get a better match with your foundation because of the natural shadows we have around the perimeter of our face and cheekbones. She expresses that personally she does not contour as much so that way she does not have to wear as much foundation. This way she is going for a more natural look.

So she contours first, then she applies blush next. She likes to line the blush up to the corner of her eyes and blends it with a fluffy brush. She then begins to color correct (but you don’t have to if you don’t want to). She says she color corrects on and off, it’s more like whenever she feels like it. She then conceals and uses two different shades. She chooses one color closer to her skin tone and one that is really really light. She blends the two shades into each other and then blends it out. 


Guess what time it is now? Foundation time! Now she says to use your setting spray with your foundation. This way it’ll help your makeup last longer. She takes a drop of foundation on her brush and sprays it with the spray and then applies it to her face. Lastly she uses setting and translucent powder, bronzer, and more blush.


After finishing her routine she looks absolutely flawless! Like a literal goddess. I cannot wait to try this application. Seeing how this method works so well for her gets me really excited. The shade match is chef’s kiss perfection! I can totally see this becoming a trend and everyone will be buzzing about how perfect their foundation looks on them!