KECH is all about diversity, empowering and embracing beauty in all its forms. That’s exactly why we will start bringing attention to various kinds of content creators or rather role model out there that come from different backgrounds and cultures and inspire thousands or even millions of people worldwide.

We want to kick it of with celebrating Muslim beauty bloggers and vloggers that live their love for makeup and beauty out loud. Some of them wear hijabs, others don’t. It all comes back to accepting and embracing any kind of beauty without prejudices or cultural bias. So without further ado, here is a selection of our favorite Muslim beauty influencers to follow. Of course so many more are out there, so just consider this a good starting place.

1) Tamanna Roashan

To start of with a major babe, we are referring straight to Tamanna Roashan, better known as Dress Your Face. Currently, she has around 2.5 million followers, on Instagram alone. She is often referred to as the Muslim Mario Dedivanovic, known for masterclasses and contouring, however without any Kim Kardashian connection, yet.

Source: Instagram

2) Shahd Batal

Shahd is not only a stunningly beautiful women from the outside, but also opens up a lot a lot about emotional topics that show her inner beauty as well. She is also known and loved for her amazing videos on YouTube, where over 262k subscribers follow her sharing makeup routines like the everyday makeup look in the video below.

Source: YouTube

3) Nabela Noor

The Bangladeshi American YouTube star went viral after spreading a message of self-love through makeup. Through her social channels, she is continuing to raise her voice and to provide representation for plus-sized women

Source: Instagram

4) Habiba Da Silva

Another power women you need to know – Habiba is not only known for launching a collection of hijabs for diverse skin tones, but also for being a talented beauty vlogger. Her YouTube videos, like the one below, serve as major inspiration for beauty lovers all over the world.

Source: YouTube

5) Sahar Shaykzada

Sahar is s Dubai-based professional makeup artist, whose vibrant macro eye makeup shots will inspire you to dip into the brightest colors in your eye shadow palette. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to be up to date on the latest trends.

Source: Instagram

6) Osob

Since Osob’s main slogan says, “Diversity is Beauty”, we definitely have to include her in this listing. She truly stands for inclusion and her IGTV beauty tutorials are simply mesmerizing. Definitely take a look at her account if you are looking for any kind of beauty, style or motherhood inspiration.    

Source: Instagram

7) Chinutay

Last but not least, we end the list of our favorite Muslim beauty bloggers with another “must-follow”. Chinutay posts simple how-to beauty tutorials on Instagram and her YouTube channel. We’ve absolutely fallen for her authenticity and bubbly personality.  Take a look at the following video to convince yourself.

Source: YouTube

We hope you like this different kind of article and we are looking forward to introduce lots of more bloggers and vloggers from diverse backgrounds. Let us know if you have any particular wishes on what to cover next.