We are living in a time where everything is on the rush. Everyone is stressed out, lacking time and putting the self-care behind. What suffers the most from this particular lifestyle and behavior is our skin. Environmental and air pollution only contributes to the worsening condition of the skin. As citizens of the urban jungle, we are faced with all the negative influence that nature and our daily routine brings to us. That is why the beauty and cosmetics industry has focused their production and development into creating products specifically designed for all these city women.

The so-called “skincare revolution” started a few years back when the world and nature saw the first effects of global warming. Melting of the ice sands, the harmful UV rays from the destruction of the ozone layer, the even bigger air, and water pollution have all together affected our skin. This influence today results in the dark skin spots, dull-looking skin, early aging and appearance of wrinkles and lines. To slower the aging process and protect the skin daily, the cosmetics industry has taken another approach in the manufacturing and development of skincare products. This process mainly includes the use of natural, clean ingredients with extraordinary benefits to the skin. What also connects to the entire process of the new skincare revolution is the ban on animal testing which leads to the production of vegan and cruelty-free goods.

To better understand each of the directions of the new “skincare revolution” products, it is essential to explain their benefits and presence on the beauty and cosmetics market.

Vegan cosmetics

The first beauty and makeup goods that appeared on the market and were different from the regular ones are vegan cosmetics. Vegan beauty and cosmetics have taken an upside turn and its popularity has never been higher, though this is not due to some current trend. Women and the people, in general, are becoming more and more aware that the help in preserving nature and the world starts with each individual. With that, it is our own decision to determine what kind of beauty and makeup products we want to use. The vegan lines today are part of almost every cosmetics line. They are also cruelty-free which means they do not do testing on animals, are supported by PETA and have ingredients that do not have any animal origin. The list of the current vegan makeup and beauty brands is so long that is something to applaud and support.

Anti-pollution cosmetics

The anti-pollution cosmetics came as a new wave in the skincare revolution. It is an entire department in the cosmetic industry that is focused only on creating products with ingredients that will fight the effects of air pollution. So, the effects of the air pollution on our skin present themselves with increased sebum secretion, dehydration, reduction of the natural antioxidant barriers on the top of the skin and its weakened defensive ability. This further leads to inflammatory processes, dark sports, rougher skin, and wrinkles. To accent all these things, the cosmetics industry has developed anti-pollution products whose main purpose is to protect the skin and stop the early aging. These beauty products are rich in ingredients that neutralize the influence of the free radicals and UV radiance, also known as antioxidants. The antioxidants as part of skincare products fight the effects of the outside environment, preventing the skin as much as possible. the greater their richness in some product is, the better the results will be on the skin.

Clean beauty

When the consumer’s market started asking for more of these “skin revolution” products, the beauty industry came up with something else – the clean beauty. The minimalist clean beauty, in its full term, has a goal of providing a simple approach to the process and the final result with accenting the natural beauty instead of overwriting it. This means that natural beauty is the core of the minimalist clean beauty and with that, the minimal use of the multipurpose products. The accent on natural beauty comes with the simplification of the entire beauty process and just presenting a beautiful and natural look. And all this cannot be done if there are no clean products. The clean products come from ingredients that do not contain any kind of toxins.  These non-toxic and clean ingredients are organic, bio-dynamic and cruelty-free. What is very popular lately are the skin products that contains a high level of some rare and unique ingredient in their composition. That can be some rare ocean or sea algae, or some seed from a plant. Whichever it is, it does the function of simplifying the beauty. That is why these skincare products infused with a high content of specific ingredient cost a lot and are considered as luxury beauty products.

What is next?

With the advanced climate and nature changes, one cannot stay blind to the differences that happen around us. Every little change begins with every individual. If we want to live a healthy life and look good, then we should look no further than ourselves. Preserving nature and the entire cycle involving sustainability are the path towards the next big beauty thing. The cosmetics industry is never sleeping. The idea to create something that will serve the skin and the body of every individual with as many benefits as possible is the goal of every beauty, makeup, and cosmetics brand. The direction and attention today is mainly focused on extracting natural and raw ingredients directly from nature. What will come next? It is a sure thing that sea and ocean flora hide many beneficial ingredients that are good for our skin. The skincare industry will surely look deeper into remaking or inventing even more concentrated products that will have faster results on the skin. The fragrance and the color are already in the way to be completely banned out, so in future, we might expect all the products to be without color or smell. The packaging also plays an important role in the entire chain of the “skincare revolution” so the plastics might completely disappear from the cosmetics industry. New degradable containers that will not lack in design will appear on the market, starting an entirely new era in the marketing and branding industry.

Whichever of these things will or will not happen, we shall see. However, the road to outer beauty is influenced by many factors, among which the pollution and climate change are the biggest. The road to youthful, healthy and beautiful skins starts with a change and it is time for everyone to take a part in preserving the nature, environment, and world itself!