Colorful eyes are in right now. Everyone loves a pop of color, but I’m not just talking about eyeshadow.


Colorful eyeliner is making its way in and it’s perfect for summer. The look is bold, spicy, and sexy.


It works on all kinds of skin tones and looks stunning on everyone. You can be as simple or as bold as you want with the eyeliner.


You have complete creative control with your colorful pencil so go explore that creativity! Here are 3 looks and their products to inspire you.


Still a little scared to stray away completely from the black eyeliner? Then don’t. This first look incorporates the classic black eyeliner with a pop of green.

Try this look with the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slide On Pencil, Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Esmeralda ($8) and the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slide On Pencil, Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black ($8). This eyeliner is a true WINNER.


The color is very pigmented and applies smoothly. The smoothness can be compared to using a liquid eyeliner, but the easiness of it being a pencil.


The next eyeshadow look also contains your classy black eyeliner but with a dip of gold and rhinestones.

Influencer Lydia Moreno created this beautiful gold look inspired by Michael Anthony. You can recreate this look using the Hauslabs LIQUID EYE-LIE-NER in Punk ($20) and GLAM ATTACK LIQUID SHIMMER POWDER in Legend ($20). Also don’t be afraid to add a gem or two! You can get any type of face gems that your heart desires.

The next look is just a simple colorful wing! It’s simple but very powerful. It just screams POW look at me!


Instagrammer Emma Hallberg created a stunning wing with the most gorgeous color ever.

It compliments her skin tone so well and she just looks absolutely stunning. She used the ColourPop Cry Baby Liner in Lavender ($4.90).

Instagrammer Rhea Coelho also created a simple colored wing look with the prettiest shade of blue.


You can recreate this look using Sugar Cosmetics' Eye Warned You So! Double Matte Eyeliner in Blue Jasmine($15.99). This shade has her skin glowing. Sometimes you don’t have to do an extravagant look. Sometimes simple outshines.


Get ready for these last two looks because it’ll make you feel like a professional makeup artist! Yeah, we have the original one wing liner, but have you ever thought about two wings? Or maybe a connected wing?


You’re probably asking yourself wait what is she talking about. Well, influencer Paulina Kurkowska knows exactly what I’m talking about. She decided to spice things up and add another wing on her eyelid. It’s thinner than the original wing but it adds big character to the look. You can recreate this look using the L'Oréal Paris Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in forest green ($8.99).


Now get ready for this red look because it’s coming in hot and spicy. Influencer Azazelle created this stunning red wing look by first creating the original wing and then connecting it with another wing . You can try this look out using ColourPop’s Bff Liquid Liner in chili.


All of these looks are absolutely stunning! If you’re feeling playful you have to try one of these looks this summer. Everyone loves the original black wing, but I think it’s time for it to scoot over because color is making its way back. Comment what color you want to try!