When we put aside the packaging and talk about the product itself, most of them today contain so many toxic ingredients such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. Recently, people have been taking a stand against this cruel behavior from famous beauty companies. As of now, there are a notable amount of brands and companies that have strict policy of paying attention to the effects their production has on us as well as the environment. These startups, although not that famous yet, know what it means to be clean and green, and are completely transparent and honest when it comes to their ingredients. So a term was coined, called “Clean Beauty”, which refers to all products which are free from all the harmful ingredients we mentioned earlier. Read on to find out all the top clean beauty products and the pros and cons of using them.

#1 Top Clean Beauty Products:
Here are our top 10 picks when it comes to clean, organic, and safe beauty products.

Rodin’s Olio Lusso Lip Balm:
This baby pink lip balm is made of shea butter and beeswax, which combine to leave your lips feeling lushly hydrated and baby soft, with a soft and subtle shine. Plus, it’s scented jasmine and neroli.

Kosas’ Weightless Lip Color:
This lipstick isn’t only completely organic, with extract oils of rosehip, antioxidant green tea, grape seed, and sweet orange; it’s also lightweight enough for everyday wear. It also contains mango and shea butters to hydrate your lips.

Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara:
This clean mascara glides on smoothly for a luscious, hydrating finish on your lashes to make them look instantly thicker, longer, and fuller. The only difference between this and the conventional mascaras is that this one’s perfectly healthy for your lashes.

Rituel de Fille’s Ash and Ember Eye Soot:
This is a pot full of heavily pigmented, creamy, glittery formula which you can use as either eyeliner or a shadow. What’s more is that it’s available in 6 shades, each equally as dazzling as the other.

Jillian Dempsey’s Kohl Eyeliner:
The creamy formula of this easy-to-apply eyeliner by Jillian Dempsey allows you to glide it on in whatever way you please and stays on all day, defining your eyes boldly. It’s available in 4 different shades.

RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek:
The best thing about this blush isn’t its 6 beautifully girly shades, but the fact that you can apply this formula to both your lips and your cheeks! Who doesn’t love matching lip colors and blush?

Ilia’s True Skin Serum Foundation:
With extract oils of aloe, rosehip, jojoba, and marula, this moisturizing foundation is just as much a skincare product as it is a makeup product. It has medium coverage, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Vapour Beauty’s Illusionist Concealer:
This concealer stick by Vapour Beauty is the product of your dreams; it’s moisturizing, easy to use, has natural mineral pigments, and is the ideal concealer to wear all day since it stays on expertly.

Tata Harper’s Very Highlighting:
This compact product is different from most highlighters as it’s a balm, which makes it blend into your skin perfectly. It doesn’t only create the perfect natural glow; it leaves your skin feeling soft as ever.

Beautycounter’s Lip Gloss:
This lip gloss is the ideal finish to any makeup look. It moisturizes your lips and gives them a rich pop of color along with a feminine and perfectly subtle shine to top it all off.

#2 Pros of Clean Beauty:
There are endless pros to clean beauty products. Not only are they much, much healthier for your skin since they are devoid of all the toxic ingredients we mentioned earlier, but they are also safe to use after any skin treatment, therapy, or procedure. Moreover, clean beauty products are more widely available now than ever and at pleasantly affordable rates since they’re made from mostly natural ingredients. The best thing about clean beauty products is that they don’t contain endocrine disruptors which cause hormonal imbalance leading to mood swings, fertility issues or even cancer. One thing which will definitely encourage you to turn to clean beauty products is that they’re all extremely healthy for the environment. Beauty experts always make a note about admitting how rich organic makeup is in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

#3 Cons of Clean Beauty:
There aren’t many cons to clean beauty products but there are still facts and figures you should consider and remember before buying anything. One notable disadvantage is that most organic products don’t have preservatives since they aren’t organic. This doesn’t allow your products to last too long, which is why most clean beauty products are sold in small amounts. However, some brands do use natural preservatives but they don’t work as well. Another sad con is that any clean beauty product that is certified organic won’t be waterproof, making it impossible for you to mess up your clean makeup at the beach or in the pool. Since clean beauty companies can’t use synthetic dyes or colorings due to risk of skin damage, clean beauty products don’t have much variety in terms of color so you’ll have to stick with a small amount of shades of your favorite color. Also, due to allergies and other health issues, clean beauty is definitely not for everyone since it can be very strong, specially for people with sensitive skin.

Clean beauty products sometimes also include cruelty-free, vegan products too. Sure, it’s to admit that some of these clean products aren’t as variable and luxurious as your favorite high end brands’ but wouldn’t you rather have healthy, danger-free skin? That’s right, so now that you know all there is to know about clean beauty, you can easily follow the movement to save your skin and the environment organically.