Whether we like it or not, the makeup industry is an art department that changes with every new season. Closely tied to the fashion world, the makeup industry has always been popular but its significant growth is seen when it became a part of the fashion shows. The fashion designers decided to include the makeup as a final look in their presentation, involving big makeup names behind the scenes on the fashion weeks. And it is right there, backstage, in all chaos of clothes, makeup, and people, where the upcoming trends for the new season are born.

What is significant lately is that the makeup trends for every season include something different. There are various options so that a larger number of women can find something for themselves. Whether that is a color, texture of technique, the makeup trends are something that is highly anticipated with every fashion week, fashion show, fashion runway.

Staying on top of the makeup trends means wearing them with confidence and high head. Although some might be bolder than the others, there are always on and off the runways versions that are meant to fit into the daily lives of the fashionistas. Here is what is going to be huge and trendy in the upcoming colder season alongside our “Off the runway look” suggestions:

Face appliqués

The face appliqués come as one of the biggest makeup trends for the following seasons. Although some might consider them not as real makeup, they are still part of the beautifying process done on the face. Taking the inspiration from the fashion world, the face appliqués are a symbol of the following season’s glam, glamour, and shine. They can come in the form of pearls, little shiny freckles, and even tiny jewels. These appliqués were seen on the runways placed strategically around the eye area, in a concentrated amount.

Off the runway look

Those who are willing to try out this new trend, it is best to starts will smaller amounts of appliqué. This means that for the beginners, it is best to go with only two pieces, whichever they are. Position each of them on the inner parts of the lids or the outer. This will be enough and will excellently present the trend.

Blush on point

The accented and colorful cheeks might sound more of a summer trend, but they are dominating the fall/winter ones. The addition of color to the cheeks is known to have brightening and fresher effect on the entire face, so this is a pretty cool way to warm up the colder days. The runways around the world presented highly pigmented blushes in different colors, applied in large amount on the sides of the face, lids and all up to the temple line. Although this might appear a bit exaggerated, there is nothing as too much blush for the next season.

Off the runway look

Applying blush is a regular part of everyday beauty routine so there is no philosophy. However, flaunting this particular trend will require finding a highly-pigmented blush. It should stick out on your face and be the only makeup that dominates. Find a shade that will suit your skin tone. Keep the lips and the eyes bare.

Glitter and glow

It was the fashion scene that introduced the glitter and sparkles back into our wardrobe. It was all presented through the trend of the retro disco ball and everyone instantly started wearing sparkles and glitters. Now, that trend has transferred onto the makeup. What comes as a new makeup suggestion for the next season is glittery and sparkly makeup. This involves glittery lips, eyes even cheeks. And the overdoing it is what was done on the runways. It seems that you can never have too much glitter on your face.

Off the runway look

This is a challenging trend to try, so if you are a bit afraid of it, it best to keep the glitter in low amounts. This would mean applying only a glittery eyeliner or eyeshadow, or for the bolder ones, a glittery lipstick. If even that is too much for you, add some sparkles over the eyelids or cheeks – the point will be taken!

Pinks and purples

These girlish tones will dominate the makeup color palette this fall and winter. The runways on fashion weeks gave us a good look what is out there in terms of color: purple matte eyeshadows, neon pink liners, metallic purples, baby pinks and many more. So, as long as it is the lines of pink and purple, your eyes should pop with color.

Off the runway look

The accent on the eyelids is done with a bright and strong color. The runway looks did that – show a lot of colors. Why don’t you try this trend in its basic form – lots of color and no mascara?

Deep-colored lips

This trend might not come as a much surprise as it became a routine to wear darker lips in winter. The next season, the accent is put on red, wine and berry lips. The red lip, being a timeless classic choice, does not go out of style, ever. Every shade of red is allowed, from the lightest to the darkest. Berry lips with their bluish undertone open up the option of something different, while the wine – is wine! Matte, shiny, glossy, sparkly, smudged or undone – any kind of lip is allowed as long as it comes in these shades.

Off the runway look

Pulling off a dark lip is not hard. Find the shade and the texture you want to wear and apply your lipstick with a steady hand. You can re-apply it for intensity, or just let it smudge. The trend does not express strict and clean lines so enjoy it without worrying too much!