Meredith Duxbury. Ever heard of her? No? Well you should and I’m here to tell you about her. She’s an absolute sensation on social media, especially on TikTok. She became a huge hit with her makeup videos. She has 10 million followers on TikTok with 277.4 million likes. She also has 619k followers on Instagram. Her fan base is growing every second and I’m here for it.

Wait, what makes her so special? Well first of all she always looks flawless. Second of all, the way she applies her makeup may scare you at first.

You may be thinking how is makeup scary? Well normally when you apply your foundation you probably use a fair amount and blend it with a beauty blender or foundation brush right? Or at least that’s how I start my makeup routine. Yours may be different like Meredith’s.

Meredith smothers her foundation on her face. And when I say smother I mean smother. Also Meredith may or may not use a beauty blender or the right end of the foundation brush when she applies her first layer. She spreads her foundation on her face by using her hands, the end of a brush, or a pencil. 

I feel like I’m about to hear another “wait”. WAIT. Ah there it is. Did you just say first layer? I did indeed. Duxbury likes to layer on her foundation. You’re probably thinking, doesn't that mean her makeup is going to look cakey? Nope. Not at all actually. Duxbury loves her foundation. 

Even though Duxbury has so many successful videos of her makeup routine and a ton of followers doesn’t mean she doesn’t get hate. There are people out there saying her routine is wasteful and doesn’t look good at all. To be able to shine you have to outshine the hate and that’s what Duxbury does; she pushes through always. She’ll even make it a joke sometimes with popular trend sounds on TikTok.

Even beauty sensation Mikayla Nogueira had to try the Meredith Duxbury Method. She does everything the Duxbury does in her videos. Nogueira primes her face and then places foundation on her hand and mixes it with the end of a brush. She then applies it to her face and rubs it in with her hands. She then adds a serum foundation to her face and blends it in with a beauty blender. She finishes the look and she looks amazing. She says her skin looks flawless and she’s ready to see how the makeup will last through the day. 

The end look of Duxbury’s method just makes your skin look perfect. Some people have compared it to a “porcelain doll look”. Now her method may seem a little scary and crazy, but hey who doesn’t like a little scare or some craziness? No, I’m just kidding, if you are wanting a full coverage look try Duxbury’s method! I’m in need of a full coverage look so I will definitely be trying this out and you should too!