Another brow trend? Okay soap brows are pretty cool but you’re telling me stamp on brows are just as cool? I’m going to have to see it to believe it.

You’re probably wondering how would I even get my shape of brow without messing up. Well Madluvv Brows and a bunch of influencers are here to show us what the products are about.

Madluvv Brows wants to help build confidence by giving you the perfect brows. They sell makeup and microblading products. Since they offer microblading products they also offer microblading courses! I think it’s pretty cool that this company offers courses to help you achieve the art of microblading and help you get certified!

There are so many people doing this trend and I never even realized it! I remember trying this trend a few years ago with a different brand from Walmart, but I didn’t have high hopes because it was on clearance for a dollar, but I wanted to experiment and test out my luck. If you didn’t guess already I’ll just tell you I understand why it was a dollar, but after seeing everyone try out  Madluvv’s Brow Stamp Kit I am through the roof hopeful. MadLuvv Brows also helps you find your perfect shade by offering a free brow stamp quiz. The quiz is super simple and fast. They ask for your name, your natural hair color, your natural eyebrow color, and then an email for your results! The quiz is almost as fast as you using the brow stamp itself!


Even the queen herself, TikToker Mikayla Nogueira is back at it again with her amazing reviews. I seriously trust her with my life when it comes to her makeup review videos. She’s very popular on social media platforms and gives honest reviews on products and brands. She just uploaded a TikTok video a couple of days ago testing out the Madluvv’s Brow Stamp Kit. Her video got 20.2 million views and 3.7 million likes! (tiktok vid )

She saw another influencer applying the brow stamp to her eyebrow and said she “bought the products within five seconds of watching the video, I didn’t even finish it”. If that’s not trust I don’t know what is. The kit comes with a spoolie, five eyebrow stencils, and a brow stamp. She first brushes her eyebrows out with the spoolie and then places the stencil over a brow. She then begins to pat the stamp over her eyebrow. She removes the stencil when she finishes, and her eyebrow looks perfect!

 TikToker Leah had also tried out the brow stamp kit and was blown away by the results! She does the same steps that Nogueira does, and her brow looks flawless! The fact that applying the stamp literally only takes five seconds is crazy! No more taking hours finishing your makeup with how fast you can get your eyebrows done now!

 The results are absolutely stunning! I had to add a kit to my cart already. I definitely can’t wait to redeem myself in the brow stamp department.  If you’re torn on whether or not to try it out… TRY IT OUT! It’s such a cool product and your eyebrows will look great. They always say eyebrows will make or break a face. Madluvv Brows wants to help you have the most beautiful brows because you deserve it! If I’m giving stamp brows another go you should too!