Do you want the appearance of youthful, glowy, and radiant skin? Of course you do! A dewy look will be perfect for you.

To achieve the look of moisturized and glowing skin you have to find the perfect products. To get that dewy finish the products contain natural oils and humectants.

Wait, you're saying my skin will look healthy and the products I'll be using are actually healthy? Sign me up!

There’s also other pros to a dewy finish look other than moisturized-looking skin. It is radiance boosting, great for dull and lack-luster skin, has a lightweight texture, and is enriched with hydrating properties.

Youtuber Christen Dominique created a youtube video perfecting the perfect dewy look. By the end of the video her skin looks flawless and I’m going to tell you how she did it!

Dominique actually has her own cosmetics line. She launched a couple of new products in February that will give you the perfect dewy look. 

She released a blur & moisture serum primer ($28) and an ultra hydrating fine mist ($32). You can get it as a bundle for $52! 

The products are clean and fragrance free. The products are also made up of ingredients that are really good for your skin and can boost your moisture levels by 6,000%! The motivational message behind her products is “starting fresh”. 

Dominique first starts the dewy routine off by using the ultra hydrating fine mist. She sprays a generous amount all over and you can use the mist to prep, refresh, and set. She describes the mist as “skincare in a bottle”.

She then begins to apply the blur & moisture serum primer. It has a gel-like texture and is also moisturizing for dry skin. The ingredients in this primer will lock in the moisture when applied and have you looking perfect all day!

After seeing both products on her face viewers can already tell how smooth and glowy her skin looks. She then begins to apply foundation and somehow her skin looks even better! I don’t know how it’s possible but it is!

Seeing her apply her products and then finishing her makeup made me go to her cosmetics website in a snap of a finger. The finished look was just absolutely stunning. Her skin just looks rejuvenating and healthy. 

A dewy makeup look is perfect for those who want a more natural no makeup makeup look. With Dominique’s product you don’t even have to put any foundation or other makeup products on because your skin is already glowing from the start! I want to see you glow this summer! Go try the dewy look now!