You’re telling me I can look flawless in 5 minutes using Walmart products? There’s no way this is real. Well I’m here to tell you that the impossible is indeed very possible. Especially with the help of Nyma Tang. Tang is a very popular beauty influencer and has 509k followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube! She was born in Ethiopia and decided to step away from her career as a nurse and started beauty vlogging at 21. 

Ever since she has been a beauty influencer sensation! She is popular on all social media platforms, but she shines the brightest on YouTube. Her videos range from get ready with me, product reviews, and tutorials. She absolutely kills it in every video and it’s so hard to not stay until the end of the video. 


One popular video she has up is her showing viewers how she could do a natural makeup routine in 5 minutes using Walmart products. At first I was like this video has to be too good to be true, but then boom. I watched it and guess what? Tang looked so good. I always love a good drugstore makeup routine. I feel drugstore makeup is very underrated. Like being able to do your makeup flawlessly without spending a ton of money? Sign me up! Now don’t get me wrong I love my Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, and other higher end products, but if I can save money why not? 


The video will be mainly products from UOMA Beauty. Tang starts off the video using UOMA Beauty’s Supa’ Natural Glow Serum in C20 ($23.99) . There are two different types of this serum the C10 and C20. The difference is that the C10 has 10% of Vitamin C and is for all skin types and the C20 has 20% of Vitamin C and is a more potent formula.

Next, she applies UOMA Beauty’s Flawless IRL Skin Perfecting Foundation ($15). She said it is a full coverage formula with almost a matte finish once it has dried on your face. She says by putting on a thicker moisturizer before can help make the look look a little more dewey. The formula does have a lightweight wear also!

She then does her contour using the MAC Studio Fix Conceal & Correct Palette ($36). The product comes in many different shades so you can find the right one for your skin tone.

Next, she uses UOMA’s It’s Complicated Lip Tint + Cheek Stain +Oil + Gloss in Classy ($7) as a blush. It is a little darker color, and it shows up so nicely on her skin. This was a great blush ​​hack.

She then uses UOMA’s Badder Boom- Au Naturel Volumizing Mascara ($7.99)  to give her lashes a boost. This mascara is great if you’re wanting a natural look like the one Tang is doing in this video. 

To finish the look off she uses UOMA’s It’s Complicated Lip Tint + Cheek Stain +Oil + Gloss in Peng ($7) and UOMA’s It’s Complicated Lip Tint + Cheek Stain +Oil + Gloss in Softie ($7) to finish off her lips. She combines both colors for a sweet ombre look. 

Tang looks AMAZING! She just has the prettiest glow to her. All of these products are affordable and can be found at Walmart if you rather not order from the website! I cannot wait to try these products out. They will be the perfect fit in anyone’s everyday makeup!