We’ve already talked about serums that will grow your lashes tremendously and how blue mascara will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Now we have to talk about the perfect falsies for you! Everyone loves a good pair of false lashes. There are so many different styles you can choose from that work for every occasion. You can go from a simple natural look to a bold eye-catching look. With these lashes from Splashes you will be turning heads 24/7! 

Splashes Lashes has 30 of the sexiest lash sets ever to be invented. Once you see these lashes you will want to get your hands on every pair they have! All of the lashes are handmade and you can even create custom orders! Being able to design my own fun lashes? Send me the link right now!

Anika and Kami are the founders of Splashes. They have worked so hard to make the company what it is today. They have done such an outstanding job with all of the orders that have been placed recently!

Their lashes are a perfect way to spice up any makeup look! You can wear them for a special occasion, raves, or just on a normal day! I am so excited about these lashes, they are literally SO pretty! The lashes have different little decals on them (or you could get some without, but where’s the fun in that?) and are long lasting.

There are so many people rocking different gorgeous pairs right now! Kaitlyn Peterson, Kayla, and Lauren René Allen are just a few of their fabulous customers that have created stunning looks with their lashes.

Peterson created this beautiful blue eye makeup look topping it off with the Blue Flower Power Lashes. I love the color coordination and I just think she did amazing on her makeup as a whole. It is funky and fun with a tiny pinch of sass. Honestly, if my makeup vibes do not give off those vibes I might as well start over until those are my vibes. Wow I think I just changed my whole aesthetic within two seconds. 



Next, we have Kayla! Kayla’s Instagram bio says “lifestyle & creativity sprinkled with magic”; so, you know she is going to give us a magical makeup look using the Splashes Lashes. She created this hot red makeup look and it gives me Valentine’s Day vibes 100%. She tops off her makeup look using the Cotton Candy Flutter XL Lashes



Lastly, Allen is seen rocking a more natural eye makeup look, but her lashes are the real statement piece. She is seen wearing the Pride Lashes. She literally looks perfect. From her natural glam, to her outfit, to her lashes. She looks amazing.



These lashes are everything. I think they are my new favorite makeup trend right now. Well I guess that is the thing about trends… they are a now thing. So let me rephrase that. Splashes Lashes is my new favorite makeup product. I cannot wait to get my hands on every single pair that they have available. Currently since the lashes are a huge hit, the lashes are out of stock. But keep checking back in because they just announced they are restocking very soon! Be sure to check out their Instagram to see when they are dropping the restocking details! Race you to the follow button!