with the endless options of different colors and textures out there, it can get overwhelming to actually find your ideal tone. KECH broke down the essentials you need to know before wearing your boldest and brightest red lips yet.

There is no doubt that a classic red lip does not only make your look more glamorous and fierce, but also that it can be worn for any occasion – vamping up your boring business outfit, adding a little poppy color to your all-black style or staying all within the same color range and finishing off your lady-in-red look.

However, with infinite options from glossy bright red to matte berry comes confusion and insecurity to actually find a truly suitable shade.  On top of that, applying a red color can get tricky at times. Who is not familiar with the unpleasant look in the mirror of a public restroom, realizing these nasty red stains on the teeth or an overall flaky appearance of the former perfectly red lips?! No wonder, there are over 220M results when you Google “how to wear red lipstick”. With the following easy tips and tricks at hand, we will prevent you from desperately scrolling through the ridiculous amount of articles. Here is all you need to know:

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How to apply red lipstick:

1) Prep and prime

Prepping and priming our skin has been part of our makeup routine for ages – why do most of us fail in applying it to our lips? A long-lasting red lip requires a smooth canvas. Start with exfoliating by using a lip scrub, like GLAMGLOW’s POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Treatment. Next, in order to prep for color, use nourishing lip balm. We recommend the hydrating one from Drunk Elephant or from L’Occitane. Now comes the insider trick: First, blot excess lip balm away, apply one layer of red lipstick, blot this with a tissue and then reapply. This procedure will ensure the ultimate resistance of flawless red lips.

2) Bold lines

To get to the ideal red lip, lip liners are not an option – they are mandatory! In order to achieve a sharp and precise look, apply some powder around your lip line, then use a liner in a matching shade, like one from TOM FORD Beauty. For all those who want to make their lips appear fuller, apply the liner just above the edge of the lip line and use GLAMGLOW PLUMPRAGEOUS Matte Lip Treatment to plump your lips to the max.  

3) Finish up

Now it’s time to apply the second layer of your actual red lipstick of choice. Use your fingertips for a more casual look, a brush for full coverage. Finally, add a little highlighter to your cupid’s bow (curve of the upper lip) to put even more focus on this seductive part of your makeup.

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The perfect red for your skin tone:

1) Best red lipstick for olive skin

Any red shade that has some orange hues works perfectly on olive skin. Go with coral tones, Kisses Lipstick Coral Pink No. 65 our favorite from BURBERRY or a generally poppy color by choosing BECCA.

2) Best red lipstick for dark skin

Dark skin is made for red lipstick! You can opt for any bold and bright color that stands out on your skin tone. Rihanna’s iconic beauty line Fenty Beauty has you covered with flattering shades like the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint.

3) Best red lipstick for pale skin

As opposed to olive skin, pale skin matches with cooler colors. Of course choices are endless, but if we need to go with only one cool-toned red lipstick for the rest of our lives, it would certainly be Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in 851.

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A red lipstick for any desire:

1) The perfect matte finish

Matte formulas instantly trigger the association of dried up lips? No worries, you will never have to fear flaky lips again if you opt for a product that comes with hydrating acids and oils. We are especially a fan of Giorgio Armani’s Beauty Rouge D’Armani Matte Lipstick 103 Downtown as well as of Givenchy’s Le rouge Liquide No 309.

2) The perfect glossy look

There can never be enough glosses in your makeup shelf. A shiny finish is always a good choice and through including Marc Jacobs’ Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer or Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace Wildflower in your go-to’s you will certainly experience a brilliant upgrade.  

3) The easiest application

Ok, we admit that the application of an ordinary red lipstick might need some practice. New to this red lips game?  Then YSL Rouge Pure Couture The Slim is the bulletproof solution to all your concerns. It’s extraordinary squared shape makes the application as easy as it gets.

4) The most underestimated drug store steals

Although red lips radiate glamor and luxury, the actual products behind them do not have to be expensive. Nowadays, you will be able to find the most amazing long-lasting lipsticks in your conventional drug store around the corner. Just to name a couple of our favorites: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Ink or Cover Girl Outlast Double LipShine.

With all these information at hand, what keeps you from making a red lip part of your daily makeup routine?! You only live once, so make your life more colorful, vibrant and bold by confidently wearing the perfect red lips!