Want lip injections? Don’t want to pay the price of lip injections? Want a lip plumper that will actually plump your lips? Well sorry, this blog post will be about how a bird pooped on me yesterday at the beach. Just kidding! That wouldn’t be as exciting as talking about how to get the perfect plump!

Having luscious plump lips is everyone’s dream. We always talk about finding the perfect lip shade, but we have to have our lips looking nice and plump before we apply our favorite lipstick! Buxom Cosmetics is the way to go if you want a good plump. 

There are so many people trying out their Plump Shot Collagen-Infused Lip Serum ($25). This serum works beautifully. It definitely works wonders by seeing everyone’s results. The serum is a blend of pure vegan collagen, tri-peptides, hydrating oils, and hyakuronic acid filling spheres with a plumping tingle blend of pure vegan collagen, tri-peptides, hydrating oils, and hyaluronic acid filling spheres with a plumping tingle.  The serum is also clean and smoothing. 

Well with all the talk about this serum you know we had to put it to the test. Well when I say we you know I mean our girl Mikayla Nogueira. She had to get her hands on a serum and her results are fantastic! You can notice in her TikTok video that her lips do seem plumper after she had applied the serum. If Nogueira says this serum is outstanding, then it is outstanding. She would never steer us in the wrong direction.

Another influencer, Tashi Rodriguez, is another influencer that has 168.5k followers and 3.7 million likes on TikTok. She also has 276k followers on Instagram. She is known on TikTok for her minimal makeup looks. Rodriguez also does a Buxom Plump Shot Collagen-Infused Lip Serum test run and she just looks absolutely stunning. After applying the serum she finishes her simple but elegant makeup look and her lips are the first thing you see. They were a real focal point and you could see that the plump topped off her look.

The last influencer to do this and also get jaw-dropping views is Miyaeva Renae. She is also a growing TikTok sensation with a whopping 4.9 million followers and 147.7million likes on TikTok. In her video she does an unboxing and shows the before and after effects of the serum. You can also notice the serum working on her as well. She expresses in her caption that the serum is clinically shown to visibly plump lips. This way it gives you a natural plump without any complications.

If you are wanting to have a natural lip plump Buxom is the way to go! You have to get your hands on this juicy serum. The reviews and results are amazing and it's like a mini lip injection in a bottle! I can’t wait to try this product out. I have been looking for a natural plumper that actually worked. I have tried so many and all they do is make my lips tingle. At least with this plumper my lips will tingle and be plumper. I just ordered my bottle and you should too!