Makeup. Some of us may have a love/hate relationship with it (or maybe it’s just me). I love putting on makeup, but I hate when it doesn’t turn out the way I want or I just somehow overcomplicate things. I just wish there were ways to make things simpler. Oh wait, TikToker Mimi is here to help us? Let me grab my notepad and pen!

I’m here to show you three different hacks Mimi does that will help change the way you see makeup. Mimi is very popular on TikTok. She has 6.4 million followers and 246.9 million likes! She also is very trusted when it comes to makeup reviews and testing out different trends. 

For the first hack she shows us an eye lift hack by only using makeup. She first drags her eyeshadow straight up. She recommends using a darker shade to frame. She says you need to make sure that you line it to your eyebrow end. You’re going to take a lighter eyeshadow and drag it up in the same direction. Her main emphasis is that everything needs to be going in an upward direction. She also recommends putting a little bit of eyeshadow in your inner corner to open up your eyes. She decides that she wants a soft look so she takes a dark eyeshadow to make a wing. She says not to make the wing too thick because you want to blend it in a little bit. She then says to add a tiny wing with eyeliner and then do your lashes and you’re done! The look is so stunning. You can tell that her method definitely lifts up your eyes and I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

The second hack involves… dare I say it… face paint. You heard me, we're going to be using face paint to find your perfect shade of foundation! It’s known as the color theory.  You take red, white, blue, and yellow paint and place dots all over your face. People do it in many different ways, but Mimi places them all in straight lines along her face. Mimi got this hack from TikToker Yani. Depending on your skin tone will determine how much you should use for each color. After placing the dots, you blend! The blending is really smooth and the end result is jaw-dropping. Who knew face paint would become your new perfect foundation shade!

For the last hack it requires something you may have thought you’d never use again. Remember those small eyeshadow foam applicators you got in your kid makeup your mom used to buy you? Yeah you’re gonna need one of those. I never thought I would be using one of those again, but here I am about to try this look with one. Mimi got this hack from influencer Rose Siard. Mimi grabs her applicator and is going to create a rainbow look. She begins to prime her eyes then swipes a purple swatch, then a darker purple, blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, and red. The method is to tap when blending, not swiping. You then use red to blend out the rest. The finish result is gorgeous! Who knew that using that old applicator would help make the perfect rainbow eye look!

Whichever hack you decide to try (I hope you say all of them) will look absolutely stunning on you! These hacks also save you a lot of time when doing your makeup. Mimi has so many other cool hacks that she posts on TikTok. You definitely need to take a look at all the hacks she has because they are absolute lifesavers!