Who is not excited about the first big celebration that is around: Halloween?!

It is that month of the year when stores are packed with special editions of candy and front yards are decorated in the spookiest and most sophisticated ways. This means it’s also time to prepare for the probably most important part of Halloween: the parties. At least if you are living in one of the bigger cities in the US, like LA or NYC, there is a close to zero percent chance that you are not getting invited to some kind of Halloween celebration. While creative outfits might not get acknowledged enough in the dimmed nights of a house party, restaurant or club, striking makeup looks cannot be overseen.

KECH crawled the Internet for you and found the best Halloween makeup tutorials that don’t even make you have to worry about getting a costume.

1) Neon Skull

Source: YouTube

Let’s start of with one of the most clicked Halloween makeup tutorials, by of course no other than James Charles. This neon skull can be recreated in different colors and guarantees you being the center of any party!

2) Glampire

Source: YouTube

Another Halloween look idea that is more on the glamorous rather than scary side is the “Glampire” makeup by Nikita Dragun. It will definitely take a boring vampire-inspired costume to the next level!

3) Spiders

Source: YouTube

Easy, fast, yet extremely sexy – this spider illusion Halloween look is for the ones of us that do not necessarily have the most advanced makeup skills, nevertheless want to stand out in the crowd.

4) Creepy Clown

Source: YouTube

Admittedly, dressing up as a scary version of a clown is not the most creative costume idea for Halloween. However, when following this tutorial, your makeup will definitely make you outshine any other creepy clown in the room!

5) Mermaid

Source: YouTube

Last, but not least, let’s circle back to where we started: James Charles. As one of the most famous and talented beauty YouTubers, we just had to list another one of his iconic looks: the Halloween version of a mermaid makeup. Popping colors mixed with elegant pearls and some scary features – this look ticks off all the aspects that promise an outstanding Halloween appearance.

Now it’s your time to get into the bathroom, bring out all your beauty items, press play and just have fun redoing one the best Halloween makeup looks out there!