Soap brows have been a trend for a while now. Although they seem to be buzzing a lot more within this past year.

Most of the buzz started when the soap brows made their way on TikTok and everyone had to try it. I mean who blames them? Soap brows are absolutely stunning!

There also might be a tinsie winsie chance that they’re a hit because of celebrity Madison Beer.

I technically can’t say that she has perfected to soap brow, but I mean who’s kidding. She perfected the soap brow.

Wait, but what is the soap brow? Why is it called soap brows? Do you actually use soap? The answer is yes, you use a bar of soap.

It is actually an eyebrow growing method instead of using eyebrow gel. The method isn’t time consuming and quite affordable. Needless to say, they make your eyebrows look thicker, fluffier, and amazing!

Beer has a YouTube video up on Vogue’s channel and she demonstrates how she does her soap brows.

In the video she is seen using the Eyebrow Soap, 3D Brows Styling Soap, Transparent Long Lasting Natural Eyebrow Wax Eyebrow Gel ($4.99) which you can get as cheap as $5. 

She first takes a spoolie brush and rubs the brush against the soap in a nice coat and then brushes through her eyebrows. It’s as easy as it sounds!

If you haven’t tried this trend yet you need to try it now! It is perfect for the summer and your brows will look flawless!

If you don’t want to take my word for it at least take Madison Beer’s!

Wait! You’re still having doubts? You have thinner eyebrows so you think you can’t slay the soap brows? Well think again!

TikToker Erin Dugan Jurchak put this myth to the test. 

She created a TikTok video with her trying out this gorgeous brow trend. Her video received 2.4 million views and 517k likes. 


Jurchak has relatively thin eyebrows and is very hopefully she can recreate the soap brows after seeing another TikToker, Autumn Elizabeth, recreate them. 


Elizabeth’s video reached 516.3k views with 47.7k likes. 

Her eyebrows are very thing as well, but she pulled off soap brows so well.

After seeing that the brows looked stunning on Elizabeth she had to try them herself. Good thing she did too because she looked absolutely gorgeous with them too.

Both influencers are seen using the Pears Soap Gentle Care Transparent ($5.85).


You can find the soap online or at your local dollar store! It’s really easy to use and gentle on the skin.

I really hope this trend never goes out of style. But I mean hey even if they do, I’m still going to rock them because they make you look stunning. Doesn’t matter how thin or thick your eyebrows are.


These brows are a must try! Go try them now!