Okay I already showed you how to lift your eyes using makeup. Now I think it is time for me to show you how to snatch your nose to look like one of the most stunning supermodels out there… Bella Hadid! Wait what? You’re telling me I can recreate the Bella Hadid’s nose without having to get a nose job? Okay time to spill!

If you do not know much about Bella Hadid I will give you a short run down. Hadid is an American model that is widely known. She was voted model of the year in 2016 and is currently worth $25 million dollars. Her sister Gigi Hadid is also a very successful model and they’re both gorgeous! They both have very distinct features that anyone and everyone would die for. 


Well beauty influencer Sarah Cheung is here to show us how to recreate Hadid’s perfect nose. Cheung says that the video is just a joke, but her nose looks perfect when she is done! Even the comments on her video say that this technique was the best nose contour that they have ever seen. 


Cheung is a 25 year old beauty influencer who has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. She also has her own beauty line with products pertaining to skincare. 

She made a short seven minute video analyzing Hadid’s nose and showing viewers how to snatch all the right places. She begins the video by concealing and powdering around her cheekbones and nose. This part is not essential in the nose illusion, but she says it helps give you Hadid’s cheekbones as well. 


She says that her nose has a thin rectangle shape and that you first want to draw that tip out, especially if you have a round nose. Cheung is seen using the NYX Micro-Contour Duo Pencil in light. There are different shades so you can find one that best fits your skin tone! She starts at her nose tips and draws two lines up. She says adding that shadow at the nose tip will snatch your nose.

Now once you have that little V-shape at your tip you can start to draw up the middle of your nose. She then blends the line with her fingers and uses the lighter end of her contour pencil to draw a line in the middle of her nose. She is now using the Too Cool For School Art Class Bronzer and starts where she left off half way on the nose and connects it to her brows. She is using a brush to apply the bronzer for a softer look. She then takes the middle color and brushes the brush on the tip of her nose. 

Next Cheung brings out the contour pencil again and redraws the V-line she drew earlier. She says there is a horizontal line on Hadid’s nose that she has to draw. So she draws a horizontal line at the tip of her nose with the contour end and the highlight end. She also draws arrow lines on the side of that horizontal line and blends it carefully out with her finger. Now she takes an eyeliner brush and the Kylie Jenner Pressed Illuminating Powder and draws another horizontal line over the one she drew earlier and then draws a straight line on the nose bridge. 

She also adds a little more contour underneath her tip of her nose and goes over the contour lines she drew before. Cheung also slightly deepens the lines on her bridge to give it more of a snatched look. She then takes the bronzer again and places it on top of the highlight and the center of the bridge. This will give the illusion of a curved nose. She finishes the contour by lightly going over the previous contour and then boom. You have finished the nose contour!

Cheung’s nose looks so snatched! It is almost like she swapped noses with Hadid herself. I can not wait to try this little nose job hack and by reading the comments on this video a lot of people were excited about this technique too! Go try it out and let me know how good you look!