Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or just had a rough day at work? In today’s busy world anyone can relate to these moments where we just yearn for a time out, a deep breath and some pampering. Although some might roll their eyes when hearing the buzz word “self-care”, it is actually truly important and should be incorporated by anyone to stay not only physically, but also mentally healthy.

When asking among KECH editors about their best tips on how to stay sane and take care of oneself, things like working out, taking a walk or meeting up with a friend were commonly mentioned. However, in case you don’t have too much time on your hand to do any of these activities, being prepared and having some items at hand, can help you relax and calm down within minutes.

1) Take a bath

Let’s start with a classic act of self-care – taking a bath. Even just 10 minutes of floating in a tub full of hot water and lots of foam can make us feel so much better, releasing any kind of physical or mental tension. To add some amazing scents and fun to the whole experience, ad a bath bomb, like one from Taste Beauty or a philosophy bubble bath. Additionally, turn on some calming music or listen to a podcast and you’ll be able to move on with your day with an improved state of mind.

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2) Light up a candle

It might seem ridiculous at first, but lighting plays such an important roll when trying to relax. We spend way too many hours in front of our laptop or staring into our phone, so giving our eyes a break by dimming the artificial lights and lighting a candle can work true wonders. Let us know your favorites! We can definitely recommend NEST’s Sparkling Cassis Candle or VOLUSPA’s Roses Macaron Candle Set that does not only smell incredible but looks super cute.

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3) Get a diffuser

Another very basic and simple idea that helps with stress is to get a diffuser. Although we breathe automatically, conscious breathing is something different and just some really deep, mindful breaths can help us release tension and feel more present and focused again. With the help of a diffuser (Jo Malone’s are our personal favorites) we are able to add some extra goodies in terms of essential oils that take the experience of simply breathing to a whole other level.

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4) Create your own little spa treatment

Who says booking a facial or getting a professional massage are the only ways to do little a wellness. Just bring the spa to your place by applying any kinds of masks. Just stop by at a Sephora on your way home from work and you will find endless options, from face to eye, lip, hair and even hand and foot masks. Give Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask a try if you want to improve your skin texture and tone and a more youthful radiance. Take a look at Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask for treating fine lines and wrinkles or opt for something a little trendier by choosing a Glamglow mask.

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5) Give mushrooms a try

No worries, we are neither referring to the mushrooms you use for your stir-fry nor to any hallucinatory substances. Medicinal mushrooms can be described as a superfood and supplement that is used more commonly in products. Four Sigmatic is definitely our number one brand, offering Mushroom Chai Latte Mixes as well as Hot Cocoa that helps you to calm down during the day or even get better sleep. Simply keep a package in your nightstand and you’re prepared for some cozy me-time, reading a book or listing to music in bed while sipping on a delicious cocoa (we guarantee it does not taste mushroomy at all!).

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6) Massage yourself

Yes, you’ve read correctly – it does not take two to get a massage. With the right tools at hand you can easily work on some stiff or tense body parts without anyone else involved. As you were able to read in this previous article in detail, Gua Sha is the way to go for massaging one’s face and neck. Quartz rollers are definitely trending in the western world now and become easily available online or in stores. We just recently got the Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Herbivore and are storing it in the fridge to enhance the relaxing experience even more.

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7) Say yes to CBD

CBD is all over at the moment, but once again, we believe that it is more than just a hype. CBD is used in a variety of products like oils, drops or lotions and often comes without any form of THC. We love to apply some Peter Thomas Roth Green Relead CBD Calming Face Oil or Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate on our forehead to enter a full state of relaxation.

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Always remember, nothing is more important than health and being healthy also refers to being mentally stable and content. Take yourself first and treat yourself at least as well as your loved ones!